Fresh Dressed Crab - Pack of 2

Fresh Dressed Crab - Pack of 2

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120g (80g brown and 40g white meat) each

Our fantastic fresh dressed crabs are made to order, always fresh, never frozen. The white meat is taken from the legs and claws which offers a sweet, delicate taste. The brown meat is considered more powerful and fuller in taste. The combination of both makes a perfect product.

Product Information:

Pot caught by local day boats - Portland Isle and Lucky Seven from Weymouth Harbour

Our crab is always cooked from fresh.

100% Hand-picked from legs and claws, no machinery is used to extract the meat.

Unpasteurised with no additives, just pure white and brown meat.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, crab meat is also low in fat and contains Omega 3. Also helps provide protection from heart disease and aids brain development.

Responsibly fished using traditional pots.

Ready to eat, keep refrigerated.

Consume within date on pack, usually within 5 days of receiving.

Ideally eaten fresh but can be frozen.


'My first memories of crab were not messing around with a small net and bucket with all the other normal children. As a small child I would be fascinated by my father who on our annual summer holiday to Dorset would with great ceremony carefully spend hours cracking, and picking his way through what to my small frame was a leviathan of the deep. His chronic slowness only served to raise my expectation and excitement at the feast to come. Poor old dad little did I realise he would never get a job at Portland Shellfish - he was too slow ! He does make his own delicious mayonnaise but that's another story.
We can supply you with your own brown crab to prove your prowess or if you are too impatient we can supply the white and brown meat ready to go.
Remember, all our crab meat and whole crab are fresh and never pasteurised.'