Palourde Clams
Palourde Clams
Palourde Clams

Palourde Clams

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1kg net or 3kg box

Our Palourde Clams are sustainably caught from Poole Harbour, a large natural harbour in Dorset. These Clams offer a real taste of the sea with their fresh, salty aroma and sweet flavour. High in protein and a great source of zinc, try them in a delicious paella or steamed with wine.

Product Information:

As a guide 1k clams will yield 3 portions.

Place your clams in a bowl, cover with a damp cloth (to stop them drying out) and place in the fridge. Do not store them submerged in tap water as they will die.

Do not freeze raw clams

Discard any Clams that are open and do not close when lightly tapped.

The Clams are depurated to ensure they are full of flavour and safe to eat.